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Name: Diabolik
Creator: Angela and Luciana Giussani
Date(s): 1962-
Medium: Comics, Film, Animated series, Novels, Radio series, Computer games
Country of Origin: Italy
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Diabolik is a criminal mastermind and antihero who has appeared in Italian comic books since 1962, in the film Danger: Diabolik (1968), in an animated series on Fox: Kids (2000), and in the computer game Diabolik: The Original Sin (2009). There have also been Italian radio series (2000, 2002) and novels (1967-71). In 2021 a new movie adaptation Diabolik starring Luca Marinelli in the title role is set to come out in Italy.


Diabolik was raised as an orphan by a crime syndicate and learned serious criminal skills before killing the head of the combine. His real name is unknown. He's aided by Eva Kant, his partner and lover. He is a master of disguise and criminal genius, and (especially in his early years, and the film Danger: Diabolik) was prepared to kill anyone who got in his way, though his main targets are usually crime bosses and other undesirables. He usually wears black skin-tight costume and drives a black E-type Jaguar. He and Eva often use realistic masks to disguise themselves as other people (see Mission Impossible and other uses of this gimmick), sometimes to impersonate officials, occasionally just to allow them to move in public without being spotted.

Most of their adventures are set in Clerville, a city in an unnamed European nation. Their most common opponent is Inspector Ginko, a ruthless but honest cop.


There appears to be no active on-line English-language fandom for these works, although the comics have appeared in translation in India and the USA and the film is available on DVD and has been shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000. There appear to be no relevant works archived on AO3 or Fanfiction.net, but the search is made difficult by an otherwise unrelated anime series Diabolik Lovers. There is an Italian fan club that has an annual convention, and a small amount of fanfic can be found on Italian sites.

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) appears to be a fan, with a Diabolik poster on his bedroom wall.