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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: devilmonkey: laura jv's fannish home
Author: Laura Jacquez Valentine
Dates: 1999 or before (1994?) - 2005 or later
Fandom: Star Trek, The X-Files, Star Wars, The Sentinel, Highlander, due South, Smallville, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Miscellaneous Fanfiction
URL: (Wayback link), WebCite (1999)
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devilmonkey: laura jv's fannish home (formerly Laura's Fanfiction) was Laura Jacquez Valentine fanfic page. It also featured photo art, essays on fannish topics and quotes.

The main fandoms each had their own page and these pages each had their own name. Sanctuary Moon, the Star Wars page, was a member of the Star Wars Slash webring.

The site also featured two thematic recommendation pages with their own rating system:

  • The Dark Side: Darkfic Recommendations[1]. Ratings cover a range from double espresso (very, very dark) to cafe au lait (not so dark).
    "[...]a collection of some of my favorite dark stories, the ones I read when I want to cry, or frighten myself, or tie my stomach into knots--or laugh low in my throat. This is mostly a fanfiction recs page, but there are occasional bits of original fiction scattered in."
  • Sucky sucky! Oral Sex Fiction Recommendations[2]
    Rating System: Like all rating systems, mine is highly subjective. It's pretty much a measure of how well I liked (a) the intensity of the blowjob itself (b) the integration of the blowjob into the rest of the story (c) other stuff (d) vague handwavy notions of vibe (e) more handwavy stuff (f) how much blowjob there is vs. how much other sex there is. I don't know why some strike me the way they do; I just know that some seem more like heavy cream and some seem more like milk (and I'm a skim milk addict, so there). Anyway.


Not Your Grandmother's Star Trek

last update: 11 July 2001

The X-Files: Ray of Light and Other Stories last update: 26 February 2001

Sanctuary Moon: Star Wars fiction last update: 26 February 2001

Native Feeling: Sentinel fiction last update: 15 July 2005

The Body Electric: Highlander fiction last update: 16 December 2002

Canadian Impressionism: due South fiction last update: 04 September 2002

Burning Down the Cornfield: Smallville fiction last update: 07 October 2002

Hand Built Clay Figurines: Harry Potter fiction last update: 01 July 2004

Songs of the Sea: Lord of the Rings fiction last updated: 25 Jan 2003

Miscellaneous Fanfiction last updated: 24 Jan 2003

The Locked Room of Shame older fanfiction, left available for historical reasons, but really rather embarrassing. I trust that if you read anything in here you will have the grace not to tell me about it.

The Dark Side: Darkfic Recommendations I like my fiction like I like my coffee: hot and black. updated regularly

Sucky sucky! Oral Sex Fiction Recommendations Please go no further if you're underage. Thank you. updated regularly

Essays on Fandom Topics

Listen to me! listen to me! essays

Essays by Laura: see Listen to me! listen to me! essays.