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Name: Demogorgon
Fandom: Stranger Things
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The Demogorgon is a humanoid monster from an alternate dimension and the main villain in season one of Stranger Things. The characters within the show named it after a monster in the game of Dungeons and Dragons they were playing in the first episode. See Stranger Things wiki for more canon information.

The Demogorgon in Fanworks

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Speculation About the Demogorgon


Season one of Stranger Things opens up a world of ideas and speculation for creators and fans alike while exploring the fandom lore. Reddit came to rather interesting conclusions about the Demogorgon. For example, a Redditor that goes by the name of angelfacedweirdo is the author of three distinct theories regarding the Demogorgon and its role and or relation to the character Eleven. The second theory primarily focuses on how the Demogorgon is using its powers to capture prey as reproductive opportunities.


Following the first season of Stranger Things, fandom exploded with theories about the show. A theorist from Reddit, angelfacedweirdo, may have something going for the claims they have made. Discussing sight from Season One Episode Seven. While questions of what the Demogorgon is and what it does caused these curious theories to conjure up some juicy ideas of the purpose of the Demogorgon. Digging deeper to support the claims of this theorist consider this post from BBC about insects and how some are particularly diverse.

Fan Speculation and Evidence

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the Demogorgon was still alive after the Season One finale. Nothing was ever really shown on the show to what happened to Eleven and the Demogorgon or whether or not they were even still alive, so naturally questions arose. As mentioned in the Reddit post, mentioned above, a slug was observed crawling from Barb’s mouth in the Upside Down, with Will coughing up another one like it, but reasonably smaller. This allows us to wonder if these slugs seen are small offspring of the Demogorgon and evidence it could still be alive and come back, indicating it using a parasitic form for reproduction.

Theory Implications

So far, there hasn't been any interviews released after season one that questions the cast members about the possible theory of the Demogorgon still being alive. However, on the IMDB website, it shows that Mark Steger, the man who plays the Demogorgon, does make an appearance in season two. In season two, it appears that “Demodogs” mature from the same slug-like creatures, which could give credibility to this theory.

When reading through the comments on the Reddit Post, the majority of the people agreed that the Demogorgons used humans as means to reproduce. A lot also speculated that: Eleven herself is linked to, and is, the monster, Will has some powers he isn’t aware of, which is why the Demogorgon wants him so badly, and the Upside Down is the result of a nuclear war between the US and Russia. (There was a lot of speculation about a war.)

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