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Pairing: Dexter Morgan/Debra Morgan
Alternative name(s): Debster
Gender category: Het, Incest
Fandom: Dexter
Canonical?: semi-canon[1]
Prevalence: popular
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Dexter/Debra is a het pairing of Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan from the Dexter TV series.


This pairing is from the show Dexter; as the title might suggest, Dexter Morgan is the main character, a serial killer who tries to kill only those who deserve it. As his name might suggest, Debra (often called Deb) Morgan is his sister. She is a policewoman, newly transferred out of vice when the show begins, who tends to use fouler language and is often underestimated and considered less smart. Dexter, comparatively, is a forensic scientist, so there's a discrepancy there. They have a good relationship, though; Dexter, who feels detached from almost everyone (on a sociopathic level) loves his sister, and tries to help her multiple times. In turn, Deb loves him, despite his sometimes very odd behavior, and defends him to others when needed.


Dexter/Debra is a popular pairing in the Dexter fandom, probably first sparked after the actors that play the characters Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall started dating and then later married - although they got a divorce a few years later. Some fans don't like the idea of it however due to the incestial component despite the fact that neither character is actually blood related (Dexter is adopted).

The pairing name for the ship is Debster.

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  1. ^ In Season 6, Debra realizes she's in love with Dexter.