Dead-boy and Xander

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Name: Dead-boy and Xander
Date(s): 1999 or before - 15 September 2000 (last update according to Wayback) or later
Archivist: Chelle
Founder: Chelle
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: (2000, Wayback)
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Dead-boy and Xander (short DBX) is an Angel/Xander slash archive and the archive of the Whiteknight Mailing List.

The site was originally hosted by FortuneCity but moved to its own domain in 1999.[1]

The stories in the archive were sorted by author. In addition to the stories, the archive also featured a monthly challenge, transcripts of individual Angel/Xander scenes with explanations from the archivist "for how they show the passion burning between Angel and Xander", an image gallery, and a links section.

The site was listed in the link section of Saber ShadowKitten's Buffy FanFiction page.[2]

Sites that don't suck

From the links section:


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