Dead of Night and Nowhere to Go

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Dead of Night and Nowhere to Go
Author(s): Sharon Pillsbury
Date(s): 1988
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Dead of Night and Nowhere to Go is a K/S story by Sharon Pillsbury.

It was first published in the print zine Naked Times #21.


"M/U: After a nightmare and in a fit of rage, Kirk tries to make Spock jealous by telling him that he made love to this universeʼs Spock."

Reactions and Reviews

This was perhaps my most favorite story in the whole fanzine! I just loved it! My favorite part of the story is when Spock discovers that Jim has been drugging himself, and the argument that occurs between McCoy, Spock, and Jim. The argument is great... Kirk's doubts finally surfacing and Spock is finally realizing that there IS something wrong with Jim. I also liked it when Spock just jumps to conclusions that Jim made love with his counterpart. I mean, Jim may have lied about leaving with the counterpart, but that just didn't mean he made love with him, and he's supposed to be the logical one, right? Jealous one is more right. McCoy was well-written, too. He was there as a friend and a doctor but not in the way (as if McCoy could be in the way. ) I just loved this story! [1]
DEAD OF NIGHT AND NOWHERE TO GO is the longest story in the zine and, in my opinion, the one with the strongest plot. As a "mirror" story, it might not appeal to everyone out there, but with Sharon's concise writing style, and her treatment of the a/u characters, I found myself not caring whether this was a "mirror" story or a "regular" K/S story. Here we see Kirk's rapid mood shifts, and eventually we learn the reasons for them - a wrenching sequence that kept me reading until well past 2 AM. Some powerful images, working well despite the minor weakness of using a somewhat-often-used plot. [2]


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