Darling It Is No Joke

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Title: Darling It Is No Joke
Author(s): thehoyden
Date(s): 2012-05-06
Length: 13250 words
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/399194

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Darling It Is No Joke is a popular season-one era Derek/Stiles AU by thehoyden. The story is a future fic in which werewolves exist, but the Hale fire didn't happen, and Stiles doesn't meet Derek until after college. Derek is a recently hired police officer, and Stiles is a programmer temporarily living at home.

Within a fortnight of posting, the story was turned into an hour-and-a-half podfic by knight_tracer.

On Fail_fandomanon, it has been suggested that this story started the packmom!Stiles trope, "because this was one of the first hugely popular story where a great deal of attention was paid to Stiles cooking and taking care of Derek, with Derek returning the favor in more traditional ways."[1]


epic_recs on LiveJournal (2012):

This is a wonderful AU that takes the quirky Stiles to mid-twenties, so a little older and a bit calmer than in canon. Derek is much better adjusted, in a world where his family moved away from Beacon Hills and are alive and thriving. The chemistry between Derek and Stiles is smokin' hot, and Stiles' perplexity with Derek's bizarre (werewolf) flirting is hilarious![2]

sterekcollection on Tumblr (2013):

...this is well-written, with a narrative that flows well (above average, actually), and many chuckle-worthy moments. There’s a minor B-story about some kind of omega vaguely threatening Stiles. My one issue is that the tale comes across as rushed, and left with me with some unanswered questions.[3]

Fail_fandomanon on LiveJournal (2013):

The first popular deputy!Derek and likely the first fic with a Stiles that can cook well, which likely contributed to the Stiles as pack mom trend. Don't care if it did because this fic makes me grin every time I read it.[4]

Goodreads (2014):

This is entertaining, funny and kinda hot, and it doesn't require much time to read it.[5]


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