Déjà Blue

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Zine Publisher
Name: Déjà Blue
Type: fanart & fancomic anthologies
Fandoms: Assassin’s Creed, Teen Wolf, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Merlin, Dragon Age, DC Comics, Marvel, Haikyuu!!, etc.
Status: active
Other: slash and femslash only
URL: http://dejabluecircle.tumblr.com


http://dejabluecircle.wix.com (old)
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Déjà Blue is a publisher of art anthologies containing fanart and fancomics. They are also known as Déjà Pink when they are publishing femslash anthologies.


Déjà Blue Circle is a recently founded group of artists, scriptwriters and supporters that is aimed to the self-publication of homoerotic themed fan comics. We all have participated in many other projects and are now willing to launch something on our own. The Circle is made up of five permanent members who are in charge of coordinating, financing, advertising and distributing each project, as well as searching for contributors. Our wish is to network with artists all around the world who share the passion we have for many fandoms and yaoi-related themes.