Birds of Prey (Assassin’s Creed Anthology)

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Title: Birds of Prey
Publisher: Déjà Blue
Type: art portfolio, fancomic
Date(s): May 2012
Medium: print
Size: A5, 107 pages
Fandom: Assassin’s Creed
Language: English
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Birds of Prey is an adult slash art anthology published by Déjà Blue. It contains 8 color illustrations and 6 fancomics from 15 artists. It was sold online and at the May 2012 London MCM Expo.[1]


Aegirine, Arhiee, Ariyasha, Dusty Highway, Irenukia, Lehanan, Limnauth, Maru, Massive Destruction, Mintonia, Mokinow, Never-knows, Ringreen, Tabe-chan, Tatsuri


  1. Tabe-chan (24 May 2012). "Assassin's Creed BL Antology: Birds of Prey". DeviantArt. Retrieved 8 April 2019. It's been already released and they're going to sell it at London MCM Expo this weekend. Don't miss this chance to buy your copy!