Cultist Simulator

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NameCultist Simulator
Developer(s)Weather Factory Studios
Release dateMay 2018
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Cultist Simulator Is a video game. It came out with the base game in 2018 with a few additional paths and stories shortly thereafter. A v short summary starts that the game interface comes in the form of fairly simple text and illustration "cards" which are played against an AI and timer solitaire style to move the game further. Like some games (for example the Myst series) part of the game is spelled out, but part of figuring out the game is embedded in the game itself as you read more. This fits as it mainly concerns an alternate universe, one aspect of which is that Cthulu/Lovecraft esque spirits and their associated cults are real. However you play as a potential sort of "villain protagonist" as a potential cultist. This takes place during a rough analogue of the 1930's and involves travel and descriptions of far-flung places.


Cultist Simulator has a fandom prescence on Reddit and significantly on Tumblr, but also has (generally smaller) pockets scattered on gaming forums like the Steam Forums As well as independent ones. There is both writing and art. Because the art on the cards in-game is so simple, art can have a special place here, with some having more elaborate or personal styles and others trying to stick to the game's geometric and colorful style. There even is a "Icon maker" or two, often on hosted Picrew, which allow you to create "your own characters" in the style of the Cultist Simulator card portraits. There are about ~ 130 fics on AO3, with about ~ 50 of significant length in English, with many in Chinese and some in other languages.


As of now, there are definitely a few fans making fanart in this fandom and sharing it, to the point that there are a handful of "regular" artists and many that make one or two doodles along the way, and it may no longer be practical to name every artist! However there are some fanartists that are known as early and prolofic fanartists. This is of course an unfinished list and more added info is welcome. One early fanartist was L-Aciel who according to her, "shifts interests quickly and regularly" but made quite a few paintings - she is also a professional illustrator in an other part of her life, and especially due to the scant art and mostly text based nature of the game, her art was very detailed and almost photorealistic at times and was well received and quite appreciated. Another artist stuck to the simplistic and geometric style of the official art in the game, and made both stand alone pieces and comics, and is well known for her comic series following her interpretations of various player characters following the events of the game - StrikeSlip .

Wikis and Fan Made Information Sources

Because finding out what information is even there is a big part of the game (and so much of the characters are defined in in game text like in game books or other "epistolary" stuff), and you may not "catch" a given text on a playthrough, information gathering and collation is secondary, but very valued, especially when trying to make fics. There is one semi official site "The Frangiclave" as well as two "" wikis, the Cultist Simulator wiki at "" and the Secret Histories wiki at "". These can be an interesting study on how the layout of an information source or a wiki can change things, because despite cultistsimulator being larger over all, they both share the sam basc "core" info pages, however secret-histories is set up with more an eye towards design and highlighting bits of the story. So cultistsimulator is generally found by many to be easier for getting gameplay tips, while secret-histories is often seen as "better" for lore and worldbuilding casual walks and for getting inspiration to write. At some point a user / fan, angered at's policies (mainly their recent announcements about deleting nsfw/offensive/controversial content, but more generally at the quantity of ads) - decided to set up an alternative site on Neocities, which provides free basic hosting. This is Known as The Secret Histories Wiki Mirror or "". They started by copying over hand-wise and citing the main pages from the Secret Histories Wiki, with the reason being that it might be smaller and more manageable, after finishing that they moved on to creating some extra content. (The user is sometimes known as Landofspaceand, or Landofspaceandrainbows.)




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