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Title: Constitution Comments
Editor(s): various, see each issue
Date(s): 1983-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Constitution Comments is a Star Trek newsletter for the U.S.S. Constitution, a fan club.

It was published four times a year.

Issue 1

Constitution Comments v.1. n.1.

Issue 2

Constitution Comments v.1. n.2.

Issue 3

Constitution Comments v.1. n.3. was published in Fall 1983 and contains 5 pages. Editor: James A. Paretti, Assistant Editors: Jason Genser and Bob Vosseller.

cover of issue#3, Fall 1983
  • the editor notes the club now has 50 members
  • the clubs fiction, review, and article zine, Genesis, has been named "Best Publication in Starfleet, to be officially announced in the next issue of the Starfleet Communique"
  • "Fireman Bill," a poem by Diana Guyer, reprinted from The Shatner File
  • some club news
  • some news about the upcoming Star Trek movie
  • Trektoons, written by Jason Genser, illustrated by Bob Kircher
  • "How I Met Gene Roddenberry, a short report by Jason Genser about meeting Roddenberry at the Wilkins Theatre for the Performing Arts, September 29, 1983
  • "Words from the Great Bird!", a transcript of Roddenberry's answers to fans' questions at the Wilkins Theatre for the Performing Arts

Issue 4

Constitution Comments v.1. n.4. was published in Winter 1984 and contains 5 pages. Editor: James A. Paretti, Assistant Editors: Jason Genser and Bob Vosseller.

cover of issue#4, Winter 1984
  • various club updates
  • "Sarek Speaks," by Bob Vosseller, a report of Mark Lenard's presentation at Octobercon
  • "The Many Faces of Mark Lenard, An Exclusive Interview" by Bob Vosseller
  • "Words with Walter Koenig, Chatting with Pavel Chekov" by Jason Genser
  • "An Interview with Miek Barr and Marv Wolfman" by Alex Rosenzweig
  • a con report for the first Star Trek Creation Con, held in the Roosevelt Hotel on January 7 and 8 of 1984, includes an full-page ad with programming

Issue 5

Constitution Comments v.1. n.5. was published in Spring 1984 and contains 10 pages.

cover of issue#5, Spring 1984
the clipping featuring club member Jason Genser
  • the editor notes the club now has 101 members
  • "An Interview with Vonda N. McIntyre" by Alex Rosenzweig, April 9, 1984 at Douglass College in New Brunswick
  • "Spock Speaks," a report by Patricia Arthur of Leonard Nimoy's lecture at the Fine Arts Theatre of Ocean City College, titled "In Search Of"
  • "Straight Talk With Scotty," an interview with James Doohan by Jason Genser and Alex Rosenzwieg at "Maycon" (the way fans referred then to the current Creation Cons)
  • "Comics Scene" by Alex Rosenzweig, a "status report" on the DC Star Trek comic series
  • a newspaper clipping featuring Jason Genser: "Star Trek fan no space cadet," by Michele J. Kuhn. "
  • Star Trek movie updates

Issue 6

Constitution Comments v.1. n.6. was published in Spring 1984 (yes, the previous issue as also mysteriously labeled "Spring 1984," and comments within suggest this issue was really published in the Summer, if not Autumn of 1984) and contains 9 pages. Editor: Jason Genser, Assistant Editors: Thomas Patrick Teirnan and Alex Rosenzwieg.

cover of issue issue#6, Spring 1984
  • the club now has 169 members
  • an update by Jason Genser on Star Trek IV
  • a con report by Dorothy Kurtz-Pezzuto about "Phili-Con," a Creation Con held at the City Center Hotel on June 12, 1984 in Philadelphia, has a costume/masquerade focus, has three complaints: "1) Being lined up in that hot corridor waiting for the costume call, 2) The movie screens were not raised above floor level [fan is short and couldn't see the screen] 3) ... a complete lack of anything on the Space Program, NASA, or even astronomy."
  • An Interview with Bjo Trimble conducted by Gabe Wiener
  • "A Twenty-Year Love Affair With the Comic Book" by Adam Malin
  • "U.S.S. Enterprise -- A Final Tribute" by Richard LaRosa, about the destruction of the Enterprise in the movie
  • con report for the "Creation Trek Con III August 1984" by Alex Rosenzweig
  • "Star Trek in Italy" by Gabe Weiner
  • a flyer which contains the programming for A Salute to Star Trek, see Creation Con
  • "Vulcans Never Bluff," a column by Sajor about Star Trek: "I shall endeavor in this column to theorize, criticize and analyze any and all phases of ST that interest me, meaning virtually everything. Subjects will vary greatly from column to column, depending on whether I want to tear something apart or praise it as highly as possible. You may like what I've written. Fine. Write back and tell me, especially if you can add to anything I've written. However, if you disagree with my viewpoint, I want to know about it even more, as illogical as those disagreements would be. Trek is an entire universe of ideas and viewpoints. This leaves plenty of room for all opinions, both positive and negative. I want to stimulate the brains of all of you out there for one very important reason. That reason should be quite apparent. I shouldn't have to remind everyone of a fact many take for granted-Star Trek is ours. Always remember that. It belongs to all of the fans, actors, writers, and any other creative people who enjoy ST. Never forget that. We have kept ST alive and well for 18 years now. With our help, it will last for ten times that span and more."