Genesis (Star Trek zine published in New Jersey)

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Title: Genesis
Publisher: The Constitution Chapter of Starfleet (U.S.S. Constitution)
Editor(s): produced by Jason Genser, co-edited by Bob Vosseller and Calvin Lewis
Date(s): May 1983-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Genesis is a gen clubzine published by the Constitution Chapter of Starfleet. It contains fiction, reviews, puzzles, art, and more.

Issue 1

Genesis 1 was published in May 1983.

  • writers: Jason Genser, James Paretti, Bob Vosseller, Earl Bartlett, Calvin Lewis, Don Curran, Alex Rosenzwieg, and Karl Roussell
  • Dedication and Introduction
  • The Staff of Genesis
  • Outposts Attacked ("an original ST story" by Jason Genser
  • reviews of the pro novels: Death's Angel, The Prometheus Design, Black Fire, The Klingon Gambit, Star Trek II Short Stories, The Entropy Effect, Vulcan, The ST Wrath of Khan Novel, Spock Must Die!, Triangle, and more
  • Project Genesis: Fact or Fiction, an analysis
  • Match These Star Treks
  • Spockless Star Trek, an editorial
  • Eulogy for a Hybrid
  • A Few Words About the First Movie
  • other unknown conent