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Science Fiction Convention
Name: ConSanguinity
Frequency: annual
Location: Lisle, Il
Type: Science Fiction/Horror
Founding Date:
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ConSanguinity was a science fiction convention.

ConSanguinity - was a fan-run convention celebrating science-fiction and horror entertainment. The theme of the first year of the convention was vampires, werewolves, and other undead taking advantage of the popularity of the gothic subculture and Vampire the Masquerade LARP groups. Opening ceremonies featured a New-Orleans styled funeral procession where a fanged convention organizer and horror author guest of honor escaped the confinement of chained coffins. The coffins were later placed in the hotel's lobby where donations could be made to raise money for HIV research. Guests were welcome to participate in a masquerade ball, featuring the gothic/industrial band The Dark Theater.

The convention was small, with approximately 800 people in attendance, but was well-received and was considered successful.

The second one was held in Lisle, IL, November 3-5, 1995. Organizers shifted the theme of the convention to cyborgs and artificial life-forms, placing more weight on the science-fiction side of the sci-fi/horror combination. This shift upset many fans from the first year and convention attendance suffered. Strife within the founding organization hurt organization efforts. The third and final year of the convention ran as science-fiction only was delayed by several years.