Commuter Stories

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Title: Commuter Stories
Creator: Flotilla 13
Date(s): early to mid-1990s
Medium: audio tape
Fandom: Blake's 7, Star Trek, fantasy, other
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a 1996 flyer printed in Gambit #14 (1996)

Commuter Stories is a set of three 60-minute audio tapes. The content is Blake's 7, Star Trek, fantasy fiction and poetry. They were advertised as Your "Your Personal Adventure Theater of the Mind."

From a Flyer

60 minutes of fannish Sc-Fi and Fantasy action. $6 each, $7.50 by mail. Whoa! That's priced cheaper than many paperbacks.

Fairy tales, Blake's 7, Star Trek fan fictions, dragons, road warriors, folk tales, comedy, satire, suspense, maybe even romance. All works by members ofFlotilla 13 (a non-profit literary fun fan educational alliance) 100% proceeds go for operating expenses building new writers and artists.

Tape 1

A fairy story. Scary tales. Fractured Classics, Epic Poetry, Comedy, A 3rd Season Blake's 7 story.

Tape 2

Two different Adventures. In the first you learn why it might be better to leave sleeping dragons lie. The second is a timeless love story.

Tape 3

The Spooky Tape Romance and a European, vampire Count, "Twilight Zone" style horror. Manslaughter at the office. Suspense, A cautionary poem. An all American vampire.