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Name: Clexfest (or Clark/Lex FanFiction Festival aka CLFF)
Date(s): 2002 - 2012
Type: challenge
Fandom: Smallville
URL: CLFF Yahoo mailing list, Dreamwidth community
banner for Round One by kira-nerys
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Clexfest (or 'CLFF') is a Clark/Lex slash challenge. It is currently in round 46 as of January 2012.

Rounds 1-14

Master List Indexed on Kardasi.[1]

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Round One

Round Two

  • SECOND WAVE Posted on November 10, 2002.[4] Note: Art may not have been archived.
  • Authors included are (in no particular order): MeLi, Catlover, Angel Grace, Marag, Lillian, Titti, Goth Girl, La Chatte Noire, HYPERFocused, Reetchick, Henry Jones Jr, Jezebel the Temptress, Peach, AtieJen, Treacy PurpleSage, myownspecialself, Lady Angel, MidKnight, Lady Flow Di, Erika, Alax, Raven Wolf, Soraya, Jinx, Coriander, Alee, Teaphile, philtre, Witch Hazel, Jade, Ximeria, C.Roxane, Lex&Clark4ever, WalterWatcher, Dane, Hergerbabe, Cassandra, Selene La Luna, mdl, Christine, Ambiguous719, Karen Colohan, Mary Willing Prey, Angela, ElleEstTroi, CJ, Jas Masson, AnaRae, philtre, Jaded Lady and Eleonora
  • Artists included are: C.Roxane, MadByrd, kira-nerys (main page image)
  • Statistics: (59 Stories, 3 artworks)

Round Three

  • THIRD WAVE[5] Updated on February 1, 2003. Note: Art may not have been archived.
  • Authors included are (in no particular order): Catlover, Lil, Penemuel, Teaphile, Margeaux Van Gogh, Soraya, Ximeria, philtre, Henry Jones Jr, Titti, Kelandris the Mad, Illuferret, Trinity and MeLi, Adri0611, Cassandra, Myownspecialself, Karen Colohan, Gigi Sinclair, La Chatte Noire, Alee, GothGirl, RavenWolf, Lillian, Stellarangel, hergerbabe, Jinx, Jezebel the Temptress, CJ and reetchick, Mereridkat, Taleweaver, Alax & Dana, Gothphyle, Jas Masson, Lady Angel, Christine and Carrie.
  • Artists included are: Adri crafted the frontpage image "In the Garden". Philtre made the coverart for "As the Night the Day" by Alax and Dana.
  • Statistics: 38 stories, 2 artworks

Round Four

  • FOURTH WAVE STORIES.[6] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Participants this time: Chibimom, Jinx, Henry Jones Jr, Titti, Gothgirl, Gothphyle, RavenWolf, La Chatte Noire, Lillian, Jezebel the Temptress, Mereridkat, Emmy, Yavanna, philtre, Mary Willing Prey and Catlover.
  • Statistics: (16 stories)

Round Five

  • FIFTH WAVE STORIES Posting date August 3, 2003.[7] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Authors: Bleudiablo, Beloved, Karen Colohan, Henry Jones Jr, Gothgirl, Sonja, Jezebel the Temptress, Athea, Athena, Uris, Lillian, AtieJen, Nancy, Chibimom, La Chatte Noire, Jas Masson, Marag, Daylight Shadow, Hecubus, RavenWolf, MeLi, mdl, Penemuel, HYPERfocused, Angel Grace, Aeryn, Stellarangel, Sierra, Mary WillingPrey, Lady Angel, Katharos, Rissa,
  • Artists: MadByrd, philtre, Penemuel and kira-nerys
  • Statistics: (34 stories and 7 artworks)

Round Six

  • SIXTH WAVE STORIES.[8] Posting date October 13, 2003. Note: art may not be archived.
  • Authors: Lexalot Luthor, Orithain, Athena, La Chatte Noire, Henry Jones Jr, Uris, Jezebel the Temptress, Daylight Shadow, Cassandra, Ser-Desa, Gothgirl, Rina, Athea, Jinx, Chibijed, Margeaux van Gogh, MeLi, Kryptokitten, Kristina Andersson, Kaia Mariacle, Quin Rhodes, Nymph Du Pave, Strawberry Shortcake, Liz Camp, Penemuel, Jen, Chelle and Beloved Plank.

Round Seven

Round Eight

Round Nine

  • NINTH WAVE STORIES .[11] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Posting Date August 22, 2004
  • The fest was run by Henry Jones Jr.

Round Ten

  • TENTH WAVE STORIES.[12] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Posting Date January 6, 2005
  • The fest was run by Henry Jones Jr.

Round Eleven

Round Twelve

Round Thirteen

  • THIRTEENTH WAVE.[15] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Posting Date, September 10, 2005
  • The fest was run by Henry Jones Jr.
  • Statistics: (16 stories and 14 art pieces)

Round Fourteen

  • FOURTEENTH WAVE.[16] Note: art may not be archived.
  • Posting Date, December 15, 2005
  • The fest was run by Henry Jones Jr.
  • Statistics: (22 stories and 10 art pieces)

Rounds 15-40

Master List Indexed on Onnedhiel

Rounds 41-Present

Master List Indexed on Alatrinebula


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