Clarke Griffin/Anya

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Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Anya
Alternative name(s): Clanya, Clarkya, Anyarke
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: The 100
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Clarke/Anya is a femslash pairing of Clarke Griffin and Anya in The 100 fandom.


The pairing took off in early Season 2, due to many of their scenes put them on the same side for the first time since Season 1 - Clarke rescuing Anya, Anya rescuing Clarke, etc. Fans of the pairing thought that the series would lead to them at least partnering up, however they were disappointed when Anya was killed off. Many fans loved their mud fight.

Fanfiction and Gifs/Picspams can be found mainly on Tumblr, with a few fanfiction works located on FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own. YouTube has very few vids of the pairing, while DeviantArt

Common Tropes & Fanon



  • A Union by SweeTarts151, Rated M, Clarke would do anything for her people, so when they ask her to meet with the grounders, she does. Unexpected things happened in order to have peace. Anya is the Grounder Leader and Clarke the Sky Princess, together they must lead their people into a peace treaty



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