Claim (Hawaii Five-0 story)

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Title: Claim
Author(s): ember_firedrake
Date(s): 15 February 2011
Length: 1211 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Claim (AO3)

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Claim is a Steve/Danny story by ember_firedrake.

Summary: Written for hermette’s Porn-A-Thon for demilo19’s prompt: “Steve is super slinky sexy SEAL. And he gets what he wants, right? What happens if he feels someone is encroaching on his “possession”? Pretty much run with possessive!Steve marking his territory anyway he can with Danny.”

Recs and Reviews

Anonymous asked I request glorious smut fics of all kind! The dirtier the better! Also, possessive!Steve! If you could this would be glorious!
For the request: McDanno smut fics + possessive!Steve [...] as far as possessive!Steve goes, I’m a fan of: Claim[1]


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