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Title: Cityspeak
Editor(s): Sara Campbell
Type: letterzine
Date(s): December 1982-1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Blade Runner
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flyer for Cityspeak: The Special Edition and the proposed zine, "Jersey Flats", click to read

Cityspeak is a gen letterzine founded and edited by Sara Campbell. They contain articles, essays and poems.

From Rogue's Gallery #9 (January 1983)
For you who are interested yet in a BLADE RUNNER Fan Club, write to Sara Campbell through CITYSPEAK, a BR Fan Club newszine. They have an unofficial fanclub set up. it costs $6 to join and you get a great newsletter and an offer to speak your piece on BR (good or bad) in CITYSPEAK. The newszine costs $1.50 for a single copy.

Two issues of the zine were published (out of a projected four), the first one in late 1982. The editor had a personal statement in Universal Translator #26 saying that the newsletter was defunct.

Cityspeak: The Special Edition is a fiction off-shoot.

Issue 1

Cityspeak 1 was published in December 1982 and contains 19 pages. The deadline for the second issue was January 17, 1983.

"This zine is run on a co-op basis: non-subscriber submissions will not be accepted unless directly solicited by the editor."

"LETTERS: Unless you specifically request otherwise, letters will be automatically considered for publishing. If publishable,'they will be subject to editing on a length/grammar basis."

  • "PKD... Goodbye, Hello" by the editor (3) (short essay about Philip K. Dick, a bibliography of his fiction)
  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • Interview with Harrison Ford by Ketty de Chiroco (6) ("courtesy of Rogue's Gallery)
  • A Chitown Talkathon, transcript (8)
  • Editor Bits by the editor (12)
  • "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," story by Pat Nussman (13)
  • The Unseen BR by Anne E. Zeek (14) (film review)
  • "The Child of Light & Dark," poem by Sara Campbell (17)
  • Ads by Madison Avenue (18)
  • last page is a full-page flyer for the proposed zine of "urban science fiction"
  • a fan comments: "...we bought a VCR last v/inter, as cable hasn't hit our area of DuBois yet. I really think the movie suffered from Warners'/Ladd's inability to decide if it was a kid's movie. I have been annoyed at Warner's for months and my revenge will come when they release it on video tape (in December, as the rumor goes); then I can buy it and run it until it or I wear out. The kids' novelization of BR, with the nice big print that I don't need the glasses for, is just weird — if I were Ford I'd be annoyed — here he puts in so much time and almost gets his face on another Dixie Cup. I don't know if it's that they don't know how to sell SF or if someone thinks we the paying audience are just too dumb to understand (thanks a lot), so they make it simple, easy, do a voice-over in case we missed something — hit us over the head and say do you get that(yeah, we did). I think Hollywood has lost touch with us — they think we can't possibly decide what we would like, so they decide and then they panic and totally mess up.
  • "The BR Fan Club is defunct, as of Nov. 15 letter from Ira Friedman, due to lack of inter est. Friedman is now with the ET Fan Club."
  • "For those interested in an audio tape of BR, I just found out that Chris Simmons/Silver Unicorn Graphics/PO Eox 7000—822 Redondo Beach. CA 90277/will have one soon for $13.75; SASE her for details and release date."
  • Re the "Chitown Talkathon": "Worldcon took place over Labor Day Week end in Chicago, and several Madison media-fan types — Sara Campbell, Rose Arnold and Eric Larson — decided to hole up together at the Hyatt Regenev. It was a con of the unexpected: we didn't expect BLADE RUNNER to be on the film program, we didn't expect a contingent from Warner's to be there, and we certainly didn't expect that there would be any other BR fans; and thus we thought that when/if our BR discussion took place, we'd be stuck in a nice program room talking to ourselves. We convinced Phil Kaveny, a member of Madison's sercon SF group, to come to the talk, because he had liked the movie and we considered him ex pert on the subject of Philip K. Dick's novels, so he would add some class to our loneliness. Our only credentials for running and organizing the talk were that we'd liked BLADE RUNNER very, very much. Oddly enough, plenty of BR fans were in evidence at the con", and the talk was a success. Even more fortunate was the fact that Rose recorded the proceedings — she's always prepared — and so we can present it to you, the readers of the sine that resulted from this incident. It v/as a long talk — people were so enthusiastic that we stayed a half-hour over our allotted time — and so we're presenting it here in halves."
  • the editor writes: "It seems as though every time I mention my projected fiction-zine, JERSEY FLATS, the other fan looks at me timidly and says, "Do you even accept Deckard stories?" Look, folks, I love Deckard, I think he's a marvellous character. It should be apparent enough by now that I don't agree with the critical consensus. Of course I'm open to Deckard stories. I'm open to any story that even remotely has to do with BR; it's a rich field.