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Name: Chris Power
Alias(es): Tarot, sidhe_woman, Chris Quinton [1]
Type: writer
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Harry and Johnny, The Professionals, Highlander, Vas & Dex
URL: AO3 profile; Highlander fanfic - scroll down to Chris's Stories; Pros fics here and here under the name of Tarot.
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cover of No Easy Answers, a novel written with Terri Beckett

Chris Power is a gen and slash writer. She wrote a series of Starsky and Hutch novels with Terri Beckett as well as numerous pieces of her own. She has also written Professionals fiction; one of her most well-known stories is the early circuit story Consequences. Chris has also written Highlander fan fiction.


In June 2010, she gave an interview discussing her role in fandom. See Hatstand Interview with Tarot.

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