Child of the Moving Tide

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Title: Child of the Moving Tide
Publisher: Chicago Station/Kate Nuernberg
Author(s): Jeanne DeVore and Signe Hovde
Cover Artist(s): Linda Fairbanks
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Child of the Moving Tide is a 158-page gen novel with fiction by Jeanne DeVore and Signe Hovde.


Focuses on young Peter Caine. The fifteen years' separation for Caine and Peter after the destruction of the temple was a time of difficulty and trial. For Caine it was a time of wandering, searching for the essence of his son. For Peter, it was much more. Torn at age twelve from the only life he'd known, young Peter Caine suddenly found himself in the midst of a world about which he knew very little. The real world was nothing like a Shaolin temple, not even like he'd imagined it would be. Peter struggled to fit into his new life, the crowded, lonely world of the orphanage and the state child welfare system, until a cop named Paul Blaisdell took an interest in Peter and changed his life forever.... Child of the Moving Tide contains sixteen stories, beginning with Peter in the orphanage, meeting the Blaisdells, continuing through his teenage years which helped forge the adult Peter who was reunited with his real father in "Initiation." [1]


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