Reflections (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Reflections
Publisher: Chicago Station
Editor(s): Jan Kraft and Jeanne DeVore
Date(s): 1997-?
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
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Reflections is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology. It has eight issues. Summaries below are from the publisher.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Linda Fairbanks

Reflections 1 was published in May 1997 and contains 135 pages and has a cover by Linda Fairbanks. Other art by Barbara Eickhoff and Sharon M. Palmer.

  • Reflections by J.P. Kraft (1)
  • Incoming, by Nea Dodson and Sherri Fillingham. Kermit Griffin has secrets in his past, all right. But who'd have suspected one of his greatest secrets has gray hair and wears track shoes... (3)
  • To Bait a Falcon, by J.M. McClure and Barbara Ogle. Peter and Kermit find themselves as unwilling bait in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse--a trap set to lure Paul Blaisdell out of hiding... (12)
  • One Night Stand, by J.P. Kraft. It's been one of "those" weeks for Peter Caine, and all he wants is to go to some anonymous bar, find an anonymous woman, and get.... But things are seldom as they seem.... (45)
  • Laura's Request, by Geri Fox. Laura Caine is dead--we've seen her grave. Or have we? Kwai Chang Caine tells his son a story, one which casts the fate of Peter's mother in doubt.... (57)
  • Child of the Moving Tide, Part II, by Jeanne DeVore with Signe Hovde. The continuing saga of a growing-up Peter Caine; stories which pick up where the first cycle left off, dealing with Peter as a cadet in the Police Academy, and as a young cop.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Linda Fairbanks

Reflections 2 was published in May 1998 and contains 235 pages and a cover by Linda Fairbanks. Other art by Fairbanks and Barbara Eickhoff.

  • poem by J.P. Kraft (1)
  • Recovering by J.C. Jederberg (3)
  • Snapdragon by MJ Mink: An apartment fire forces Peter to move in with his father. While there he must discover who he is, and where his life fits with that of his father. (9)
  • The Greatest Truth by Ellen K. Brooks-Lynch (36)
  • Seeing Clearly by Jeanne DeVore (48)
  • 'Scape Not the Thunderbolt by J.P. Kraft (53)
  • One Simple Act by Brenda Mick: A small car, a long trip, a talkative Peter Caine, and a Captain Simms who is certain that those three ingredients will drive her mad. But a freak accident changes the situation and Simms learns more about Peter, and herself, than she'd ever expected. (68)
  • Where Do the Children Play? by A. 'Nea Dodson (88)
  • The Road to Avalon by C.M. Ortenz (106)
  • Give Sorrow Words by JP Kraft: Paul Blaisdell has finally come home. But it's not for the reason any of them would want. (won a 1999 FanQ) (125)
  • The Shaolin's Apprentice by Jeanne DeVore, Signe Hovde, J.P. Kraft (143)
  • There Was No Sadness by Geri Fox: Young Peter Caine meets again an old friend from the orphanage. But times change and so do people. And being in the "in" crowd is more important than old companions. (147)
  • Baohuren by Marge Shasberger: Peter Caine, new Shaolin priest, struggles with his place in the Chinese community, and with estranged ties to the precinct. But a troubled teen, a burglary ring, and rival black and Chinese gangs all contribute to the situation and show Peter his path. (159)

Issue 3

Reflections 3 contains 157 pages. The front cover is by Linda Fairbanks.

  • Poem by J.P. Kraft 1
  • Ruins: With a Single Step by J.C. Jederberg 3
  • A Day in the Life by J.M. McClure and Barbara Ogle 7
  • Flashback by Beverly Hansberry 23
  • Ruins: Double-Edged Blade by J.C. Jederberg 25
  • An Old, Old Love by J.P. Kraft 30
  • Ruins: Lost Treasure by J.C. Jederberg 40
  • The Chrysalis by Ellen Brooks-Lynch 45
  • Son of... by J.P. Kraft, Jeanne DeVore, Signe Hovde 57
  • Ruins: Out of the Shadows by J.C. Jederberg 69
  • Summoned to Destiny by Marge Shasberger 73

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Linda Fairbanks

Reflections 4 was published in May 2000. The front cover is by Linda Fairbanks.

  • Poem by J.P. Kraft 1
  • Thoughts Become Memories by Lisa Cavalieri 3
  • Orchids by Tracy LeCates 21
  • To Follow the Path by J.P. Kraft 45
  • No Other Way by Karen Elliott 49
  • Heights by Janet Lampe 64
  • Full Circle by Patricia O'Cain 94 (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • A Hard Lesson Learned by Joann Stroh 101
  • May I Sleep With You? by Bonnie Evans and Janet Lampe 111
  • What's in a Name? by J.P. Kraft 117
  • Ransom by Marge Shasberger 123

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, J.P. and Courtney Kraft

Reflections 5 was published in 2001 and contains 274 pages, coil bound, color cover by J.P. and Courtney Kraft

  • poem by J.P. Kraft (1)
  • Three Weeks by Lisa Lovewell: Kwai Chang Caine is dead, and Peter must learn to face his fears and accept life without his father. (3)
  • Promises to Keep by Judy Hoggard: The demons have caught up with Paul Blaisdell, and it's up to Peter and Kermit to vanquish them. (29)
  • A Lesson in Driving by Denise Edge: While waiting for Peter one evening, Paul Blaisdell reflects on teaching his foster son to drive. (70)
  • Soldier of Evil by JP Kraft: Peter is torn between honoring an oath to the dead and honoring his oath as a cop. (75) (winner of a 2002 FanQ)
  • On Faith by Jackee C: Visions of a serial bomber put Peter at the top of an FBI agent's suspect list. (95)
  • The Return by Joann Stroh: A brutal headmaster, blaming young Peter for his dismissal from the orphanage, returns to get revenge. (137)
  • For Old Time's Sake by Patricia O'Cain: In this sequel to the Fan-Q Award winning "Full Circle" in issue #4, an old friend of Captain Simms witnesses a murder, Peter and Kermit must save the woman from becoming the next victim. (158)
  • Circles by Marge Shasberger: The latest installment in the Baohuren series Peter must choose between his duty as boajia and his duty to his loved ones. (187)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Jeanne DeVore

Reflections 6 was published in May 2002 and contains 242 pages, coil-bound, color cover by Jeanne DeVore.

  • poem by J.P. Kraft (1)
  • Crossings by Janet Lampe: Shaolin Priest Peter has settled down with a new wife. But how can they have the family they desire when it was written in the Book of Shambhala that Peter would be the last of the Caine line? (3)
  • Grace by Jackee C.: In a series of vignettes, Peter comes to reconcile his life and his two fathers, who in turn grow to better understand their son. (38)
  • Third Sunday in June by JP Kraft: What starts out as a dreaded school assignments becomes an annual tradition for Peter and a record of his growing up. (42)
  • Interlude: Grace Returned by Jackee C. Second in the 'Grace' series of vignettes (52)
  • A Single Soul by Cathryn Mortenz-Teal: A grisly murder, a new friend, and some unpleasant memories all combine to set Peter Caine on edge as he struggles to regain his equilibrium. (56)
  • Interlude: Grace Redeemed by Jackee C. Third in the 'Grace' series of vignettes (129)
  • The Rocky Path of Healing by Valorie Avants: A reconnaissance mission gone terribly wrong leaves Peter injured and guilt-stricken. He finds solace from a most unusual source. (134)
  • Interlude: Full Circle by Jackee C. Fourth in the series (163)
  • Concerto by Marge Shasberger: The latest addition to the Baohuren series transports us seventeen years into the future. Peter's daughter, Jasmine, is a promising cellist. But there's something fishy about her new orchestra leader. And continuing turmoils within the Imperial Household in Taiwan finds Peter's loyalties stretched. (167)

Issue 7

cover issue #7
another version of cover issue #7

Reflections 7 was published in 2003. It has 174 pages, coil bound, color cover.

  • The Truest Wealth by Janet Lampe. To save his father's life, Peter makes a personal sacrifice, and in the process, discovers the depth of his inner strength. (1)
  • Rules, Pot, and Absurdity by Gini Wheeler. A vignette between rookie cop Peter and Paul Blaisdell. (25)
  • Hero Complex by JP Kraft. Peter is faced with an horrific choice--whichever way he decides, innocent people will die. (35)
  • Suicide by Cop by Linda Jofery. Peter and Skalany are called to deal with a domestic disturbance when things go disastrously wrong.... (58)
  • Paradigm Shift by Marge Shasberger. An undercover op gone awry forces Peter and Caine to re-examine their relationship. (108)
  • The Sword of Corryn Blay by Cathryn Mortenz-Teal. Peter finds himself once again at the mercy of his mysterious uncle Damon. But is Damon the evil man that Peter remembers? (145)

Issue 8

Reflections 8 contains 185 pages.

cover of issue #8
  • Poem by J.P. Kraft (1)
  • Breaking the News by J.P. Kraft. Paul discovers Caine's existence. (5)
  • The Case of the Missing Detective by Linda Jofery. An 'average' day in the life of Peter Caine. (10)
  • Path of Discovery by Valerie Avants. Paul's quest to be free of his demons is tied to a terrifying night when he fears he might lose his eldest daughter and new foster son. (45)
  • Enigma by Gini Wheeler -- Teenaged Peter finds a link to his father in a most unusual figure. (79)
  • Twist and Dodge by J.P. Kraft -- Peter comes face to face with a dark time in his past which shows him what he might have become if not for the intervention of Paul Blaisdell. (113)
  • Crossroads by Debra Van Sandt -- In this crossover with Highlander, Peter connects with a boy-turned-man whom he'd protected years earlier in the orphanage. (113)