Check Your Head

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Title: Check Your Head
Creator: Jane
Date(s): February 2001
Medium: online
External Links: online here, Archived version
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Check Your Head is a 2001 essay posted to Citizens Against Bad Slash by Jane.

It has the summary: "Indicators that you have a big slash ego."

Introduction: "Does your head take up more of the room than your body? Is your neck straining from the weight of your gargantuan cranium? Are there people out there groaning inwardly every time you post something because they're sick to death of you and your huge fucking ego? Here are my indicators."

The Indicators

  • You threaten to stop writing.
  • You sign your e-mails "Author of...."
  • You can't take criticism.
  • You stop giving feedback.
  • You talk about your own writing ad nauseum.
  • You assume everyone's heard of you.
  • You stop sounding modest.
  • You have an FAQ on your web site.
  • Your site looks like this [one].

See the essay for descriptions...