Channel Hopping

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Title: Channel Hopping
Creator: Ash
Date: May 2008
Music: theme songs of various TV shows
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: youtube, LJ link

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It's a comedy! It's a cop show! It's a hospital drama! Channel Hopping is a vid in which the show Supernatural is reframed as twelve other TV shows; the vidder has cleverly cut together footage that emphasizes the different genres from which SPN takes: it's kind of like The Odd Couple (what with two buddies driving each other crazy) and it's kind of like Buffy The Vampire Slayer (what with the demon hunting) and its kind of like Simon and Simon, (what with the brothers who solve crime)...

The meta-narrative of the vid has Sam and Dean themselves having a beer and watching these shows.

In March 2010, Ash and maichan made a sequel, Channel Surfing, for the SVS Collaboration Challenge.


The vid was recommended in 2008 at the spnvidrecs LJ community: "You will be grinning at this vid from start to finish! Not only does [info]ash48RN bring insane amounts of funny, but she demonstrates amazing technical skill by situating the clips within the context of the boys themselves watching TV. It's a showcase of many of the various tv genre influences on Supernatural and is more fun than should be legal!"[1]
Of all the things seen in fandom, this is in the top 1%. If you're one of the few who hasn't seen it, drop everything! Hilariously imagines how it would look if SPN were a different kind of show.[2]


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