Change the Locks

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Title: Change the Locks
Creator: Jo, Sandy and Nicole
Date: 1998
Format: VHS
Music: "Change the Locks" by Tom Petty OR Lucinda Williams
Genre: m/m (Duncan/Methos)
Fandom: Highlander

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Change the Locks is a very early Highlander vid by Jo, Sandy and Nicole.

It is a Media Cannibals vid Tape 3: Partners in Crime (probably the most popular of the Media Cannibals vid collections), covering 1997/1998.

It is a slash vid about the relationship between Methos and Duncan MacLeod.

At the Highlander Worldwide 9 Convention in Los Angeles, Valoise presented an introductory panel on vidding in the Highlander fandom. Of the 14 vids shown, most dated from 1996 to 2002. These are the notes for her presentation -- "Change the Locks" is mentioned.