Cathy German

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Alias(es): Cathy German
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Cathy German is a Star Trek: TOS gen writer. She wrote over a dozen stories published in the fanzine Antares in the early 2000s.


From Bibliography of Orion Press Authors:

"Cathy German" (a pseudonym) was born in the Midwest more years ago than she cares to admit. Post-college she moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she now resides. She has been in the paper business for years, first buying paper, then selling it to printers, then managing people who sell it to printers, then marketing it, thus completing the consumer loop. Her supportive husband is a business owner. They have a second home on an island in Puget Sound, where step-children and step-grandchildren gather for holidays, and there she writes a humor column for the local paper. Gardening and home-decorating are hobbies. Writing is her passion. "Cathy" is also a published author whose works have appeared in the PocketBooks' anthology Strange New Worlds series under her real name.


Title First Published Year
Last Picked Antares #4 2000
Comeuppance Antares #5 2000
The Lesson Antares #5 2000
The Wreck of the Aurora Borealis Antares #5 2000
Conversion Antares #7 2001
Dear Mom Antares #7 2001
My Gift Antares #7 2001
Only So Much Antares #7 2001
Da Woid Antares #9 2002
The Tale the Cap Told Antares #9 2002
There Would Be Others Antares #9 2002
The Float Antares #10 2002
No Refuge Antares #10 2002
Trapped Antares #10 2002

Several of her stories were reprinted in Orion Archives: 2266-2270 The First Mission v.1 and Orion Archives: 2229-2265 The Beginnings.