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The most recent edit expressed astonishment that this category was not placed under the Fanworks category. The reason is that this category is the general category for all pages related to the AMV-making community and is not just for individual fanwork pages. I think we should create a subcategory Category:Anime Music Videos. If there aren't enough non-fanwork pages in this category, that just means we need more pages about this community :)--aethel (talk) 04:22, 29 May 2022 (UTC)

To make it clearer, we could rename this category to Category:Anime Music Video Fandom (like how we have Category:Podfic Fandom and Category:Podfics, but not Category:Podfic). This category is also currently a subcategory under Category:Vidding, which I think is inappropriate given the discussion here Talk:Anime_Music_Video#odd_line_in_intro_paragraph. It sounds like AMVs are really their own thing and not a type of vid from the point of view of the community.--aethel (talk) 15:54, 29 May 2022 (UTC)