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You may be looking for the character Castiel.
Name: Cas
Type: author
Fandoms: Angel the Series
URL: The Darkness Before Dawn (Wayback Machine)
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Cas is a fan author in the Angel the Series fandom mainly active in 2001-2002. Her writing is predominantly gen. She is particularly known for her historical series of Angel backstories, which Indri describes as excellent and historically accurate fiction.[1]

Her fanfiction was archived at her personal website, The Darkness Before Dawn, which is now offline. Some of her stories are still available at Better Buffy Fiction and the Buffy Fiction Archive.

In Her Own Words

This site is devoted mainly, but not exclusively, to fanfic about Angel in the period between 1898 when he regained his soul and 1997 when he met the slayer, because that's mostly what I've written so far.
There's not much that's cheerful here, but you wouldn't really expect that in an Angel site would you? Instead there is a lot of brooding, angst and guilt. Oh, and some despair too.[2]

Notable Fanfiction

  • The Hobo, The Fugitive -- pair of stories about Angel during the Depression era. Kate writes of 'The Hobo': The great style and tight writing makes it into a gorgeous cinematic story.[3] Atozmom writes of 'The Fugitive': Spare and evocative, this is exactly what I imagine Angel's years of sadness were like.[3]
  • Nine Swords for the King -- set in season 2, with flashbacks to Angel's ensoulment. D. writes: Develops through some finely drawn original characters, and leaves you wondering how many lives can be touched by a person who has been existing for over a hundred years.[3]
  • Poppies are the Colour of Blood -- set during WW1. Nominated for a Halo Award in 2002.[4] Espresso Addict writes: An interesting window on Angel's history: plausible, beautifully detailed and completely heart-rending.[5] Cynamin writes: This image of Angel during war time is well done and believable. A very nice past based fic![6]


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