Carolyn R. Fulton

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Name: Carolyn R. Fulton
Alias(es): DS9Kirys, Jean E. Lott
Type: Author
Fandoms: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Fantastic Journey
URL: ds9kirys at Archive of Our Own
The Colonel and the Constable (author page, now offline)
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Carolyn R. Fulton is a fan author noted for her works regarding the Odo/Kira pairing in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom, and also was the co-editor of The Fantastic Journal, volumes 1 & 2, a Fantastic Journey fanzine. She is the author of the following fanworks:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom:

  • "Dreams Into Waking"
  • "Basilisk"
  • "Catalysts & Crucibles"
  • "The Fire and the Rose"
  • "Third Moon Rising"
  • "Liquid Assets"
  • "Compensatory Benefits"
  • "Remedial Education"
  • "Essentials"
  • "Misery Loves Company (Or How a Shapeshifter Came to Count a Trill's Spots" by Odo V'lonn, as told to Carolyn R. Fulton
  • "Bridging the Gap"
  • "Compromising Position"
  • "The Wind of the Prophets"
  • "Occupational Hazards"

Fantastic Journey fandom:

  • "Moonlight and Ashes"
  • "Cheap Sheep!" (writing and drawing -- very badly! -- as Jean E. Lott