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Name: Cara
Occupation: Protecting Richard, heir to the title Lord Rahl.
Title/Rank: Mord'Sith
Location: Midlands
Status: Badass
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
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Cara Mason is a main character in Legend of the Seeker.

Cara in Canon

She is one of the feared order of women known as Mord-Sith. When Mistress Denna failed to kill Richard Cypher, Cara was personally recruited by the evil ruler Darken Rahl to eliminate the Seeker once for all. But instead of fulfilling her mission, Cara was forced to work with Richard to save herself, which ultimately led to the Seeker fulfilling the prophecy, killing Rahl and ending his reign of tyranny.
From the Underworld, Darken Rahl commands the Mord'Sith to dispose of Cara for her role in his demise. They beat her and leave her for dead, after which Richard helps Cara. Deserted by her people and sworn to protect Richard, heir to the title Lord Rahl, Cara joins the Seeker and a wary Kahlan and Zedd on their new quest. Richard trusts Cara, and believes her unique abilities could prove invaluable in finding the Stone of Tears and defeating the Keeper of the Underworld. [1]

Cara in Fandom

Cara quickly became a fan favourite both for her fierce attitude and for looking amazingly hot in leather. /massive generalization.

Cara is often paired with Kahlan. Also Richard and Darken Rahl? There was also a canon lesbian relationship in one episode. This editor has not seen season two yet, and has no idea what Cara gets up to.





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