Kahlan Amnell

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Name: Kahlan Amnell
Occupation: Keeping Richard Rahl, the Seeker, out of trouble
Relationships: Kahlan/Richard, series OTP.
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Kahlan Amnell and her amazing swishy hair
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Kahlan Amnell is one of the primary characters in the TV series Legend of the Seeker. She is famous in her fandom for being a badass, and having glorious swishy hair. The hair gets closeups. The hair gets picspams. The hair gets animated .gifs. Love the hair.

Kahlan is frequently paired with Richard, her canon love interest. A love which cannot be, lest she zap him with her powers during an intimate moment. Fortunately for Kahlan, Cara joins their small band of rebels and do-gooders in the second season. Kahlan and Cara are initially antagonistic, but become friends over time. Femslash fandom agreed that they should be friends who frequently take off their clothes and have awesome sex.

Meta: the sexualization of Kahlan's power. Kahlan's power is dangerous = sexually powerful women are dangerous. (ref?)