Captives (Professionals story)

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Captives
Author(s): Lois Welling
Date(s): 1984
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: online here

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Captives is a Professionals Bodie/Doyle story by Lois Welling.

It was first published in The Hatstand Express #5 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

The first part was clever, but I didn't enjoy it. That's because I hate to read about, or see, either of "the lads" from being hurt, especially when the hurting is done by someone who gets pleasure from it. Their escape and the rest of the story, I did enjoy. I don't think such a situation would be easy for either of them to handle.[1]
Absolute WORST h/c story of all time (that I've read so far): "Captives", by "10.15", a short circuit story in which B&D are kidnapped, tied down together on a bed, tortured by a drunken lout who repeatedly *beats them about the chest and head with a board*, and then orders them to get it on (blowjob, I seem to recall), *which they do* (*AFTER* being beaten repeatedly about the body and head with the 2x4 board!), simultaneously falling in love during the process. You gotta read it to believe it. But make sure you've got a toilet handy. It made me hurl.


--excuse me, but this is *wrong*

Gawd, it's vile. It, however, didn't ruin h/c for me forever. [2]


  1. ^ from The Hatstand Express #5
  2. ^ By 1994, a large portion of the The Hatstand Express stories had appeared on the US and UK circuit, often without attribution. This may have led some fans to be more blunt in their assessment of the stories. The comments about "Captives" are from alexfandra's post to the Virgule-L mailing list, quoted here with permission.