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Title: COCO CHANNEL Interview with PEJA
Interviewer: Karmen Ghia for The Society for Slash Diversity and The Committee of Chekov Obsessives Comparing Historical and New Narratives in Ensign Literature (COCO CHANNEL)
Interviewee: PEJA
Date(s): February 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): slash, Star Trek
External Links: An Interview with PEJA; reference link
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A 2000 Interview with PEJA is archived at The Society for Slash Diversity and The Committee of Chekov Obsessives Comparing Historical and New Narratives in Ensign Literature.


Karmen Ghia: What are you working on these days?

PEJA: Aside from several stories in the Sentinel, First Wave and Farscape genres, I'm working on compiling a Fanfic Registry and several other new exciting pages for the website.

KG: So, did I dream it or did you once mention that you manage 167 lists?

P: Yea, sad ain't it. The slow lists are doing much better since the membership drive and the birth of the newsletter.

KG: How did get into this line of obsession? I hope you make time to eat and sleep occasionally.

P: The kids signed me up for the internet. Thought it was something I would have very little interest in, but I stumbled on fanfic while I was doing a search for Blake 7 and the rest is history. That was a little over a year ago.

KG: How long have you had the Wonderful World of Make Believe archive?

P: If I'm not mistaken, I have been doing the archive for about a year. Had to learn it from HTML up, but it was worth it.

P: I read everything Blake 7 gen, then started in on the B7 slash. First one of those was a B7/Star trek X-over with Avon and Riker in the shower....a real giggle

KG: How did you decide to start writing what was in your head? What was your motivation?

P: After a long haitus, I had been writing scifi and horror for several years, but never had much inspiration to have it published. The slash/fanfic leap came about when a challenge caught my eye.

KG: Do you remember which challenge where?

P: It was a Sentinel Challenge. A story involving rubber bands, ties and a couple other things. I came up with a little something called "Behind Locked Dooks" [1]

KG: Who is your favorite character in slash to write about? Read about? And why?

P: I've always been especially prone to read Sentinel, even when I hadn't seen the show, I was writing it. Got all my history from the mailing lists. Now I've seen the eps that have been shown on SciFi; don't know if seeing the show has improved my stories...highly doubt it, but then I prefer to write AUs.

KG: I've read some Sentinel and critiques of it and even surfed up some photos of the Jim Ellison and Blair, just to see what the fuss was about. They're cute; I can dig it. I'd like to hear their voices someday (and the Chakotay and Paris as well) since I'm into voices.


  1. "Dooks" or "Doors" -- unclear if this is a typo in the original transcript