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Creator: bradcpu
Date: 2010
Length: 5:38 minutes
Music: "City Hall" by Tenacious D
Genre: metavid
Fandom: Futurama
URL: original vid announcement (LJ)
CITIHALL (Youtube)
Robot Bender Fandom has some choice words for CITIHALL TPTB

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""We beat the bastards of city hall!" ~ Vidder's summary

CITIHALL is a meta fanvid that uses Futurama as a metaphor for media fandom's constant battle against TPTB who seek to restrict fandom's creativity, transformative fanworks and fair use rights. Futurama is a TV show that was featured on the Fox Network canceled (as so many Fox network TV shows have been), and then, through the enthusiasm of its fandom base, given a new season on Comedy Channel. The vid premiered at Vividcon 2010.


All you people up there in City Hall,
You're fuckin' it up for the people that's in the streets.
This is a song for the people in the streets,
Not the people City Hall.
All you motherfuckers in the streets it's time to rise up,
Come along children and fuckin' rise!


  • "Excellent use of judicious Photoshopping (by Milly) for absolute maximum hilarity. The tag at the end had me rolling on the floor for its ironic commentary on vidders and fans."[1]
  • "Watching this at my first VVC is probably a memory I will cherish for awhile. Everyone was rolling! Brad is brilliant (again! goddammit!) The storytelling is pitch perfect in this, as is the song choice. And the editing is amazing. My brother really enjoyed this vid and all in my house wanted to dance to the amazing "descent into hell" sequence which for some reason makes me laugh hysterically. And while it clocks in at nearly five minutes, there is not a dull second in this vid. In short: I LOVES IT."[2]
  • "That ladies and gentleman is what I call a vidding masterpiece. Geez I don't even know where to start, the lyp-syncing, the lyrics matching, the top notch editing, the wonderful sense of humor...You found the perfect song/source couple and then made it even more perfect with your clips selection. I laughed my ass off from start to finish, this is definitely one of the best videos I've seen in a LONG time! "[3]
  • ", five-minute Futurama episode, and that about sums it up for me. My very favoritest bit is Robot Hell. I find the interpretation of Fry and Bender as representatives of fandom kind of depressing, though."[4]


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