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Name: CI5 Homepage
Date(s): created 1998 or before, active in 2001
Archivist: Lorelei
Founder: Lorelei
Type: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
URL: (2001) (2001)
CI5 Homepage.png
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CI5 Homepage was the hompage for the CI5 list, the e-mail discussion list for Professionals slash. It hosted fanfiction posted to the mailing list, had pictures, transcripts, zine information and links to listmembers' websites.

The site was a member of the Professionals Ring.

CI5 Fiction

Below are some of the stories which have been posted to the CI5 mailing list. All are posted with the authors' permission. Please read, and enjoy! But if you want to do anything else (i.e., send one to someone else), ASK the author first! None of these stories are written for financial consideration of any kind, nor are they intended to infringe on anyone's copyright, and we ask that you do the same. Thanks.

For many more great stories by these and other authors, try the new Professionals Circuit Archive.

Stories are alphabetically organised by author's first name and story title.

WARNING!! Many of the stories found here depict graphic sexual acts between two men, and most of them assume a romantic relationship between two men. If you don't enjoy that kind of thing, don't read them! By following the links and reading any of the fiction here, you are asserting that you are aware of the subject matter and are of legal age wherever you are to read it.

CI5 Fiction


  • Games - Post-"In the Public Interest". Bodie seems too anxious to escape the town and his undercover role, so a curious Doyle plans a visit to a special pub to find out more. For more of Alexandra's fiction, check out her own page.

Bren Antrim

  • Full Circle - (Crossover, Death story) Years after Bodie's death, Doyle has tracked down the man who killed him. But in order to get his revenge, he'll have to find a way around an old colleague with problems of his own: Alan Cade, The Chief. More of Bren's stories can be found on her fiction site.


  • The Cow's Tale: Doyle in the Manger - A sequel to James Kythe Walkswithwind's Never Staying Quite the Sane stories. His Bovinity tells how it really happened...
  • Festival of Lights - A CI5 Holiday Pressie. Trapped in a cellar, a time-bomb ticking down... one minute left.


  • Answered Prayer - (A/U) A CI5 Holiday Pressie. Every year, George Cowley says a prayer for his top agent, Bodie. Is this the year it will be answered?
  • A Dozen Red Roses - A CI5 Anniversary Pressie. "Drink to me only with thine eyes..." Doyle's getting married. What can Bodie do about it?
  • Roommates - Living together is supposed to bring you closer. But even loving someone doesn't make it easy!
  • Undercover - Ray Doyle is undercover on his last op for the Drugs Squad. Just how safe is it to get involved with a certain gorgeous and mysterious neighbour?

James Kythe Walkswithwind

  • Never Say Never - Sequel to Never Staying Quite the Sane. What Doyle really needed was a good thump on the head...
  • Never Staying Quite the Sane - Sometimes people fall out of love, too.
  • Santa's Basement - Another CI5 Holiday Pressie. Warning: Teddy Bear and major sap alert! Very cute, though.
  • Young Sinner, part one - It's the "fish-face" story! Ever noticed how when Bodie's concentrating hard, he gets this look?
  • Young Sinner, part two - And on to a bit of wetter fun...

For more of James' stories, both Pros and other fandoms (many other fandoms!), check out The Gila's Cave.

Jatona Walker

  • Confessions of a Sweet Tooth - Wherein one W.A.P. Bodie admits to two weaknesses: chocolate, and Raymond Doyle (not necessarily in that order).
  • Filksongs - What it sounds like: a collection of Pros filksongs.

For more of Jatona's work, you can go directly to her website.

Jennifer Lyon

  • The Season Series - Holidays can be difficult when you're alone. Or when you think you are. Having someone with you who cares can make it easier...but only if you'll let them.
  • Welcome to the Jungle - Geraldine Mather finds out all about the violent world and the men she fought against in The Rack.


  • Bugged - A Christmas story. Kind of. One of the CI5 Holiday Pressies.
  • Murphy's Law - Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. (Murphy story)
  • Once More, With Feeling - An anniversary story. Some things never change!


  • The Gemini Factor - Waking up in hospital not knowing who you are can be a frightening thing... Especially when someone's out to kill you.
  • Guilty Secrets (formerly Guilty Pleasures) - Childhood trauma can control even the strongest person. Can someone who really loves them overcome that?
  • Learning Trust - Ever wonder how the Lads first met? What if they didn't know they were on the same side?
  • Manifest Destiny - A childhood tale. Some things were just meant to be!
  • Poetic Licence - A short, humorous piece. What happens when you mix sex and poetry.

For these stories and more, check out Russ' Webpage.

Listmembers' Webpages


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