By the window at 4 AM

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Title: By the window at 4 AM
Circle: Gauche
Doujinka: Rebasashi
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Date/s: 2017 January 15
Type: manga
Size: B5, 20 pages
Language: Japanese
External Links: English scanlation by cftranslations
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Cover art

By the window at 4 AM (午前四時の窓辺) is a Yuri!!! on Ice doujinshi by Gauche. The manga is described as a Viktor/Yuuri doujinshi, however, it also focuses largely on the relationship between Hiroko Katsuki and Viktor.

The doujinshi was translated into English by scanlation group cftranslations on Tumblr. They gave the manga a G-rating.

Reactions and Reviews

I love how we keep flip-flopping between pure and wild releases when it comes to Victuuri dj, lol. This dj was really soft with a philosophical undercurrent, and I loved the section with Hiroko (who, like our earlier release ‘Gift’, is simply adorable and dotes on her future son-in-law XD).[1]
I was ready for something to break my heart, but this level of fluffiness is just unbearable!![2]
I think we need a new tag called "Family-fluff" or something like that where your ship interacts with each other's parents in the most adorable fashion...[3]


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