But I'm a Cheerleader

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Name: But I'm a Cheerleader
Creator: Jamie Babbit (director/writer)
Date(s): 2000
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: USA
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But I'm a Cheerleader is a 2000 satirical film about a cheerleader forced by her parents, friends, and boyfriend to go to a conversion camp called True Directions because they suspect her of being a lesbian. While there, she learns to embrace her sexuality and falls in love.

Written and directed by Jamie Babbit. Starring Natasha Lyonne as Megan, the stereotypical high school cheerleader, Clea DuVall as Graham, True Directions' resident badass dyke, RuPaul (as RuPaul Charles) as Mike, the not-so-straight "Ex-Gay", and Cathy Moriarty as Mary, True Directions' strict disciplinarian.


Often used as a fusion for other fandoms since the source material isn't very flexible when it comes to shipping. Popular fusions include:

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