Brutal Truths

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: Brutal Truths
Author(s): Clara Swift
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: Brutal Truths (Master & Apprentice)

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Brutal Truths is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story by Clara Swift.

Summary: Qui-Gon is forced to teach Obi-Wan a hard lesson in Jedi philosophy.

Recs and Reviews

M/A is chockful of sadness. Obi-Wan wants love, is rebuffed by Qui-Gon, who worries about the age difference, the imbalance of power, the wrongness of it all. Qui-Gon wants love, is downcast by Obi-Wan's promiscuity, his beauteous Padawan's gleeful acceptance of his inner-sex-fiend and the probable Jedi Council problems. Not to mention the legal ones, if a certain Padawan isn't eighteen yet. Poor fellows. In what fandom used to call a "wallow," here are six sad, sad stories. Warnings galore for character agony and sometimes death. [...] Finally, Brutal Truths by Clara Swift offers another version of a dutybound Qui-Gon, determined to make his Padawan into the best apprentice ever, even if it means disillusioning him in a shocking manner. The ending characterizes Obi-Wan yet again as the saintliest Jedi extant and even makes you believe his reaction. It's a disquieting fic to end the wallow in.[1]


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