Bruce Wayne/Dinah Lance

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Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Dinah Lance
Alternative name(s): Batman/Black Canary, Bruce Wayne/Dinah Drake, BC/BM, BM/BC, Batcanary[1]
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Batman/Black Canary (DC Comics)
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: rare
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Bruce/Dinah is a het pairing of Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary.


"...the Black Canary [aka Dinah Drake]. Yes, that is correct. He's made out with her so many times that I lost track over the years. And his relationship with her predates her fling/marriage with Green Arrow [seems like she has a thing for billionaires]. And some fans don't know that Batman and Canary have been swopping spittle since 1971 - when the old-school Justice League comic was being drawn. And a year before that, in 1970, there was a comic titled Batman & Black Canary: The Brave and the Bold - it was published in black and white.[2]"


The pairing is a fairly rare one in the DC Comics fandom. Nearly all of the fanfiction dedicated to the pairing appeared in early 2000s and mainly posted to the only fanfiction archive online, Yellow On Black. Thus some of the earliest known writers in the pairing's fandom was Smitty, A.j., and Chicago. Since the site is no longer updated, fans seem to have started using Archive of Our Own[3],[4] and assumingly[5]. There is one Tumblr blog, DinahandBruce which mainly posts scans of comic book panels between Bruce and Dinah.

"5. Batman/Black Canary - Oh, this one will get me some major hate. But I’ve been shipping this one for so long, that there’s no shipping name for them. It first came about through fanfic, right after Ollie died on that plane and everyone reasonably thought he would remain dead. It was a great series of stories that started with one author, but then went to a few of what I would have considered the biggest names in fanfic at the time. I would give names, but I don’t want them harassed, all these years later. Suffice to say, by the time they kissed in BoP (when Dinah ‘thanked’ him for being nice to Helena), I was dancing around my room for five minutes before I forced myself to sit down and finish reading the issue. As a final note (as I really could go on for a whole post about this pairing), I feel Dinah belongs with the man who took a blind Wonder Woman back into the gym and put her through her paces as if she weren’t disabled… and WW thanked him for it.[6]"




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