Broken Wings (SG-1 AU series)

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Title: Broken Wings
Author(s): Synecdochic & Ivorygates
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
External Links: Syne's site

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Broken Wings is a Stargate SG-1 AU by Synecdochic & Ivorygates.

Summary: Cam never recovers properly from his injuries in Antarctica and starts a new life with Jack O'Neill's clone.

See Clan Mitchell for details of the rest of the fandom that arose from this epic fic. There are also the sequels A Howling in the Factory Yard, and Roll With It, which is still a WIP.

Broken Wings also spawned another AU, Mezzanine, which is a fusion with the Cammieverse.

Reactions and Reviews

I try my darnest to rec long stories that are fully contained, that draw from the canon of their fandom but can be read and understood by folk who may not be familiar with said canon. Broken Wings is a series of tales (technically a WIP, but each section is wrapped up fairly well) about pilot Cameron Mitchell who, in an AU twist, left the Stargate program after being badly injured while on the job, and the teenage clone of Jack O'Neill who goes by the name of J.D. Nielson. J.D. finds Cameron thanks to the intervention of Sam Carter, with the two men deciding to work together (or, rather, J.D. begins by pulling Cameron along for the ride) on various military computer-related contracts and, in the process, begin healing and build a relationship together. This series seems like it's been recced *everywhere* recently, and for good reason: it's plotty, it's emotionally resonant, and the tension that runs through the last couple of installments is guaranteed to keep you up at night making your way through it all.[1]


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