Broken (Batman story)

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Title: Broken
Author(s): FabulaRasa
Date(s): May 29 - June 22, 2014
Length: 34,019 (6 chapters)
Genre: Explicit, het - Bruce/Barbara, slash - Jason/Dick & Jason/Dick/Roy
Fandom: Batman comics
External Links: AO3

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Broken is an explicit Bruce/Barbara and Jason/Dick fic.

Author's Notes

"I was asked once if I could ever see anything happening between Babs and Bruce, and I confess the thought was. . . pretty erotic. (I think this was right after I read Gail Simone's Batgirl, and her feelings about Bruce are very complicated and close to the surface, and it's kind of hard not to pick up on his adoration of her and her devotion to him.) However, I think any sexual impulse in her direction that Bruce felt, he would squash pretty hard and fast — in most cases. This is about the only scenario I can think of in which things might be different. It would take a Bruce broken and re-made, in the way that Barbara and Barbara alone could understand. If Bruce were ever seriously injured, I can see it being the case that only Barbara could reach across that abyss to him. Jay/Dick appears in the later chapters, beginning in chapter five, along with some threesome action with Roy."

Reviews & Comments

As of December 15, 2016, the fic has 178 comments, 252 kudos, and 52 bookmarks.

"This pairing would normally never, EVER cross my mind, but I LOVE AND ADORE the author (who's primarily known for her amazing DCU slash fiction), so I had to read this.

And I was BLOWN AWAY. It's a kickass Barbara Gordon facing off against a Bruce Wayne I had never seen before: vulnerable both physically AND mentally in addition to all that rage. I won't spoil how he gets this way, but as the author says, it creates the kind of circumstances where Bruce can SEE Barbara beyond Batgirl/Oracle, and their relationship progresses from there. Oh, and it's SMOKING HOT. MY GOD THE SMUT. FabulaRasa NEVER disappoints in that regard. Plus, her grasp of the Bat!Family in general is SPOT-ON.

So give it a try, I promise this will get you hooked on this rare pairing!!"[1]


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