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A fandom's presumption that claims of diversity will make a showrunner will their favorite slash pairing into existence. Based on Brittana from Glee.


After an off color joke made by Santana about her relationship with Brittany fans clamored for the pair to become a couple. Eventually the showrunners agreed and Brittana was made canon.

This significantly altered the way fans interacted with showrunners and cast members. A dynamic was introduced that permitted fans to communicate with the showrunners and provide feedback; and be listened. Previously, the representation for queer ladies in media was a dismal. Even now, representation is shoddy at best, however instances have proven that feedback does, in fact, have sway. Examples of this include:

Current Situation

A very popular show, Once Upon A Time, has a large following for the ship "Swan Queen." Despite popular demand and apparent chemistry, the how has continued to place each women in multiple different heterosexual relationships. Many have complained that these actions show preference towards heterosexuals and even homophobia. Fans point to multiple examples of showrunners being prejudiced. Adam Horowitz has been called out for defending heterosexism, claiming that shipping Swan Queen was ridiculous, and going so far as to say that those who interpret the characters Regina and Emma romantically are dangerous and fascists.[citation needed] When confronted with his intolerance, he repeated the phrase "#bekind2all" on twitter. These events were conducted on twitter in 2013.

Once Upon A Time also was called out for making a large publicity deal about introducing a gay character in their season 5. Many claimed that this was unnecessary and showed blatant publicity-seeking. [1]