Braven Week

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Name: Braven Week
Date(s): 2015, 2017
Moderator(s): apphrodites
Type: fan art, fanfiction, gif sets, fan edits, meta
Fandom: The 100
Associated Community: blayesnetwork
URL: blayesnetwork
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Braven Week is a fanweek prompt based challenge, with all fanworks concentrating on The 100 pairing of Bellamy Blake/Raven Reyes, also known as Braven. Mulitple types of fanworks were accepted including fan art, fanfiction, gif sets, fan edits and meta.

Screen capture of original deleted tumblr post about Braven Week 2015



  • Day 1: why do you ship them
  • Day 2: favorite scene(s)
  • Day 3: favorite quote(s)
  • Day 4: favorite bellamy/raven filled season (or episode)
  • Day 5: favorite parallel(s)
  • Day 6: favorite underrated scene(s)
  • Day 7: whatever the hell you want


  • Day 1: General prompt: the moment they became your otp / Writing prompt: angst
  • Day 2: General prompt: favorite overall scene / Writing prompt: favorite AU
  • Day 3: General prompt: favorite parallels / Writing prompt: post-s4
  • Day 4: General prompt: underrated moments / Writing prompt: soulmate AU
  • Day 5: General prompt: favorite season/episode / Writing prompt: pining
  • Day 6: General prompt: Lindsey/Bob appreciation / Writing prompt: modern AU
  • Day 7: Free Choice