Boys Over Flowers (K-Drama)

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Name: Boys Over Flowers, Boys Before Flowers, 꽃보다 남자
Abbreviation(s): BOF
Creator: Yoon Ji-ryeon (screenwriter), Jun Gi-sang (director), Kamio Yoko (original mangaka)
Date(s): January-March, 2009.
Medium: Television series, K-Drama
Country of Origin: South Korea
External Links: Official Site (Korean)
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Boys Over Flowers (or Boys Before Flowers) is the South Korean version of the popular manga, anime, and J-drama Hana Yori Dango. The K-drama began airing in January 2009.

English-language Fandom

The general livejournal community thrived during the series' run (with content that primarily included pictures of the actors and characters, news and spoilers, icons, and reaction posts as each episode was fansubbed).

While fans were initially positive of this newest interpretation of Hana Yori Dango, discontent arose during the latter half of the series' 25-episode run: "This is one of those dramas that started great and then -- to put it politely -- derailed into a flaming pit of sorry sucktitude and a massive black hole of bad, but in honor of what it aaaalmost was, the glorious first half, I'll just spend this pimp covering the good stuff. Once upon a time, BOF was a drama where the guys were hot and the girls were sassy and all the best romance started with violence. Just pretend it ended after ep 12, okay?" [1]

The series' OTP, Geum Jandi/Gu Jun Pyo, received less screen-time in the second half of the series than did Jandi/Yun Ji Hoo (the secondary, competing pairing). [2] Some fans also found fault with Jandi's characterization; originally a strong and determined character, Jandi seemed to lose much of her initial drive as the series progressed. [3]

Many fans enjoyed the series' secondary romance between So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul ("soeulmates"). The couple was so popular with viewers that they appeared in an AnyCall cellphone commercial, in a type of missing scene from the drama. [4] The relationship between So Yi Jeon and Chu Ga Eul was so compelling to some viewers that a RPF fandom evolved around their actors, Kim Bum (김범) and Kim So Eun (김소은).

Korean-language Fandom

BOF was a mania drama which sky-rocketed its actors into stardom, especially Lee Min Ho (이민호) and Kim Bum.



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