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Name: Soompi
Dates: 1998-present
Type: Fansite
Fandom: K-Drama, K-pop
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Soompi is an active site dedicated to Korean entertainment. The site includes news, photos, blogs, fan clubs, and forums. Some content is only available to registered members. is a community fan site focused on Korean and Asian pop entertainment, dramas, music, celebrities and movies. We are the longest running site dedicated to bringing you the best in Korean music & entertainment, since March 27, 1998. Our members span the world, but since we are an English language site, many members are primarily concentrated in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. [1]

Soompi encompasses a wide range of fannish activity, from discussion of singers and actors to discussion of their work to the "fanfix" board, which as of December 2011 had 14,270 individual topics and 1,365,897 replies.


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