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Discord Server
Name: Bottom Clark
Date(s): 2020-Present
Server Owner: Trinket
Fandom: Superman, Justice League, Smallville
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Bottom Clark is a Discord Server where fans of Superman discuss just how much of a bottom Clark Kent is. They talk about who he could be paired up with and discuss ideas regarding him as an omega or even as a woman, or non-binary character. As long as he/she/they are bottoming it's all welcome.

This community was founded in the Autumn of 2020.

The Bottom Discord Server is open to new members at all times for those precious diamonds in the rough, those fans of Bottom Clark J. Kent, otherwise known as Superman (but shh! don't tell anyone).


The Bottom Clark Discord Community also hosts fandom events, again most focusing on Bottom Clark, or Clark Kent and/or Superman in general. With just at least one or two of outliers. While the hope is for more Bottom Clark content, it is not a hard and fast rule of the following events.

The outlier doesn't focus on Superman/Clark Kent, but of one of his family members.