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Pairing: Bofur/Nori
Alternative name(s): Nofur[1]
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: The Hobbit
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Low but not rare[2]
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Bofur/Nori, also called Nofur, is a noncanonical slash relationship mostly found in Hobbit movieverse. It is a relationship between two dwarves of Thorin's Company, Bofur and Nori.


Bofur/Nori is commonly a background ship, especially in cases where Bilbo Baggins or Dwalin is shipped with someone else. The most common ships that Bofur/Nori is found with are Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield and Dwalin/Ori (and somewhat less often: Fíli/Kíli and Balin/Dori).[3]

The first suggestion of Bofur/Nori on hobbit_kink was on December 25, 2012, where it was one option given by the original poster for a Nori/Any prompt.[4] The first clear Bofur/Nori prompt appeared on January 6th, 2013, and was filled the same day, based on Takja24's art KR bofur-bot (twitter) is so cute.[5] The first few AO3 works for the ship were Bofur/Nori-centric, but by February the ship had several works with more central Bilbo/Thorin or Dwalin/Ori, and that pattern increased over time.

Fandom Tropes

  • Irresponsible - In many fanworks, Nori can't settle down and Bofur doesn't know how not to drink and dance his way through life. They struggle to commit to each other and a stable life.
  • Friends with Benefits - The two of them sometimes spend time being friends with benefits or one night stands before they finally form a more permanent relationship (if they ever do). As one fan said, "they are bestfriend fuckbuddies, who occasionally overstep the friends-with-benifits line and then pretend it didn't happen."[6]
  • Best friends - In many works, Bofur and Nori are close friends before they start a relationship. Sometimes they're childhood friends.
  • Bailing Nori Out - Sometimes Bofur is the one who hides Nori from the guards or springs him from jail before Dori can find out.
  • Pair the spares - Bofur has the second largest number of ship works with Bilbo after Thorin Oakenshield, and Nori has the second largest number with Dwalin after Ori. Therefore, in Bilbo/Thorin or Dwalin/Ori works, Bofur/Nori allows the main ship to get together without complications or broken hearts.

Example Fanworks

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