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Synonyms: Blorbo
Date Started: December 25, 2021
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Blorbo from my shows is a meme that sparked an overnight fandom posted by thelustiestargonianmaid on Tumblr (who later replaced the original text of the post with a different image, though the original still lives on in screenshots and reblogs). It became part of meta-commentary about fandom and tagging culture on Tumblr itself.

The original post read:

Bitches will be like “prev tags omg” on my post and I check the preg (sic) tags and it’s like “blorbo from my shows”

As of January 2022, the original post had nearly 12,000 notes (although other posts with screenshots of the post and reblogs on it had far more).


The meme took off and proliferated into other parts of Tumblr in conjunction with the Plinko Horse meme and other spinoff memes about Glup Shitto (making a parallel joke about Star Wars naming conventions). Likewise, the meme became associated with the Tumblr 2021 Tagpocalypse happening as a backdrop.

One of the most notable tags applied to the original post was by americachavez who tagged their reblog as:

#this is the blorbo from my shows website [1]

Arguably, the post took off due to a compilation post of memes about Tumblr fandom practices and tagging culture with the "same energy" started by orienta1ism [note 1]. This post received over 77,000 notes as of Jan 2021 with other users reblogging with their own screenshots or "similar memes" in the notes [2].

A series of 5 memes juxtaposed as screenshots. First post: bitches will be like "prev tags omg" on my post and I check the previous tags and it's like "blorbo from my shows". Second post: every time a new Star War movie or show is announced all the fans are like "OMG Glup Shitto is back" crying emoji 3 times. Third post: Fanodm bloggers in ya notes like #omg... Weesnaw and Pebbit vibes #OTP #queuetical & u just have to sit there and straightfaced emoji tea emoji. Fourth post: My favourite bit of Marvel films is where you sit through nine minutes of credits to watch a five second clip of some guy stepping through a doorway and saying "it's me, Blorko". Final post: Once your post hits 5k people will start tagging it as shit like "oh my god bumbo wexler absolution wrote this" and you google him and it's like. a disgraced ex member of AC/DC.
Screenshot of post thread by orienta1ism[2] made Dec 2021

Another popular post about Blorbo had 38,548 notes as of Jan 21 2022:


if people don't want me to tag their posts with blorbo from my shows they should simply stop posting things that sound like blorbo from my shows


whos blorbo



Another post by aimmyarrowshigh read:

yes, tumblr is all about blorbo from your shows, but true love is letting your dash be about grumpo and slimpet from your FRIEND’s shows [4]

As 2022 has gone on, Blorbo has steadily become a term to describe a favourite character that fills the specific vibe of 'Blorbo From My Shows'.

References in mainstream culture

A New York Times article includes the term in a review of romance novels:

This is definitely one to be read as a series: Marske uses the full span of the trilogy to build to a beautiful, devastating conclusion. (Of course, all your blorbos are back for the big magical confrontation between those who crave power and those who defend against its abuses.)[5]

NYT's usage was noticed and discussed on Tumblr:

Spotted the word “blorbo” in The New York Times book review. Listen NYT romance reviewer, I really do not think your paper’s audience is going to recognize that one[6]
[Fahye (in the tags)]
#listen if this is my legacy #blorbos in the paper of record #I'll take it #Revered NYT Romance Reviewer Olivia Waite #can do whatever she wants!![7].


A post on February 5th by creekfiend offers a variation:

Ive come up with the phrase "blorbo-in-law" which is a fictional character who isn't, like, YOUR blorbo from YOUR shows but it is your mutual's blorbo who you nevertheless have developed strong opinions about due to long term dash exposure[8]

A Tumblr post later in the year explained some of the related terms:

to anyone who missed it:

blorbo - a favourite character

glup shitto - star wars names are fucking nonesense

eeby deeby - youre going to hell

plinko horse - a horse that was stuck in a plinko board

scrimblo bimblo - super smash bro fans can be very angry when characters aren't in a game
scrunglo: spamton-esque batshit character
scrunkly: your dearly beloved, often who is a bit pathetic.[9]
  • Tumblr post documenting a collection of similar terms to blorbo.

Commentary on Tumblr culture

Example Fanworks


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