Blake the Federation Slayer

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Title: Blake the Federation Slayer
Publisher: Executrix
Editor(s): Executrix
Date(s): May 2003
Medium: print
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Blake's 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Language: English
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Blake the Federation Slayer is a charity zine anthology by Executrix with her Blake's 7 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover stories. It was published in 2003.

The cover showed Blake's tombstone, with the epitaph "He fought the Federation. A lot."


  • Once More With Stealing's Quicker (The lyrics for the fortunately non-existent Musical Episode of Blake's 7, which can be sung to the tune of the songs from "Once More With Feeling")
  • A Bunch of Us Or, Gand Candy (History is written by the victors, so it takes a certain amount of nerve for the Liberator crew to use their Chronoport Bracelets to go to Sunnydale and confront its fearsome dictator. What they didn't count on was the candy.)

Reactions and Reviews

Argh, bad me. I feel thoroughly guilt-ridden now, as I should because I didn't even thank you (thank you, for BtFS and for sending Bend Me, Shape Me). And I was going to comment on your zine, I even wrote notes. *holds up sheets of paper* But then something happened, I don't know what.

Because I did love the zine. I laughed and cried and went aww. And the part where Willow guilts Blake into being heroic had me giggling because poor Blake never had a chance and now I think I want to see a Blake/Willow story. And I'm babbling now so I will shut up and resolve to type out my notes and review the zine. [1]

Hey, I commented! You converted me to the concept of Avon/Giles as well as helping me survive my BSL exam via Giles-Bachness. I spent a week pouncing all of my buff-fan mates and reading it aloud to them (shame I can't do the American voices to save my life.) [2]


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