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Blake's 7 is a space opera that strongly references Star Trek in that B7's main antagonists are called 'the Federation' and bear a symbol that is obviously a rotated version of the Star Fleet insignia. Blake's 7 also uses teleport technology, made popular by Trek.

Other fans have also commented on the similarities and differences, for example Doctor Who blog, The Greys.[1]

Blake's 7 began during the period after the original Star Trek and before the first Star Trek movie; hence its fandom participated in the normalization of many common fannish practices of today, for example the social history of slash and print zines. Like most pre-web fandoms, early B7 fanfic was sharply divided into slash, explicit het (referred to in contemporary zines as "adult"), and gen.

A Comparison

In 1994, a Lysator member re-posted the following tongue in cheek comparison of the two shows.

Star Trek Blake's 7
1. The triumph of morality. 1. The triumph of amorality
2. The Federation is good. 2. The Federation is evil
3. The Federation is an instrument of democracy and free speech. 3. The Federation is a fascist military dictatorship
4. Everyone on the ship gets along. 4. Don't turn your back
5. Reliable friends. 5. Betrayal
6. Goal:"to explore strange new worlds & civilizations", assist colonies and promote growth. 6. Goal: to survive, destroy the Federation and make a fast buck whenever possible.
7. The basic crew don't die; in fact, they come back from the dead 7. The basic crew dies, disappears and finds better things to do.
8. The Captain has a receding hairline or no hair. 8. The Captain has a perm
9. The heroes chase things. 9. The heroes are chased
10.Electric shavers that can stun. 10.Cattle prods that kill
11.A new planet in every episode. 11.A new plot in every episode
12.Special effects. 12.
13.When nothing else works, the Captain will try deception. 13.When nothing else works, the Captain will try a little truth.
14.Disposable extras. 14.Disposable regulars
15.The Boy Scout mentality. 15.Niccolò Machiavelli
16.Occasional sarcasm. 16.Occasional straight dialogue
17.Stand by your friends. 17.Stand behind your friends
18.Love will save the day. 18.Love[equals]carelessness[equals]death
19.Choosing between good and evil. 19.Choosing the lesser of two evils
20.Mind-meld. 20.Telepathy
21.Transporters are commonplace. 21.Transporters are amazing
22.Helpless females. 22.Ball-busting females
23.An alien crew member. 23.An alien crew member
24.Computer personality problems. 24.Computer personality problems
25.Justifying pacifism. 25.Justifying your right to live[2]


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