Blair Sandburg - Not a Wimp!

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Title: Blair Sandburg - Not a Wimp!
Creator: Elaine
Date(s): March 4, 2003
Medium: online
Topic: Fanfiction, The Sentinel
External Links: Blair Sandburg - Not a Wimp!, Archived version
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Blair Sandburg - Not a Wimp! is an essay by Elaine.

It is part of the Fanfic Symposium series.

It is a study of the character Blair Sandburg and uses many fanfics as examples of his non-wimpyness.


In cannon one sees him growing up. The kid that flinched under the gunfire in Survival has matured to the person who could calmly talk on the phone with his mother in Private Eyes while the bullets are flying around himself and Jim.

Anyone who had watched the series would notice that Blair is far from helpless. From the very first episode, Switchman, in which he threw himself over Jim to save him from being run over by a truck to the moment in TSBS when he willingly gave up his academic career to protect Jim, Blair had show courage and determination far beyond most people his age.

Blair is an intelligent, capable young man, who is just a fierce a Blessed Protector to Jim as Jim is to him. Whose compassion allows him to go through great lengths to help those who need it. (Which makes a good counter to Jim’s own sometimes-cynical worldviews.) It is a welcome relief that most writers do portray him that way, instead of an immature child.